(standing up again and getting more beer) I remember clearly the first time I became sure
that society regarded us to be leeches and something to be stepped on. Of course homosexuality
is, despite this law change, still regarded as a mental illness and many gay men
are forced to undergo shock treatment and other forms of barbaric treatment such as
chemical sterilisation. There is no sign of them stopping these cruel experiments on us.

Anyway enough of this. (Settling down in his easy chair again). I do get to travel a lot.
Which is great! I find it helps to visit a new place where one’s face is not known and where
one can have fun unmolested as, I have been tonight. The last time I was in London I ended
up at the Biograph Cinema in Wilton Road opposite Platform One of Victoria Station. It's
Britain’s oldest electric cinema, did you know that? What a place! They don’t call it the
Gropascope for nothing. People sit next to each other and start groping, just hand to hand
stuff, no blow jobs, mind you. Often people move about during the film too, it is all quite addictive.
Mind you I never do it with anyone I don’t fancy, I’m no whore. It’s all surreal with
John Wayne or The Hound of the Baskervilles showing, all quite ordinary and at the same time
surreal actually. I suppose those films are a good cover.

It seems though that this new law (reaching for the newspaper once again) only covers
sex in a private place. Not much good for us men who have needs of a different nature or
are unable to accommodate, as I think the word is. I also go to the Salisbury pub, in St
Martin’s Lane, which has lots of theatre types. The theatre is liberated and emancipated
right now, which suits me. I think it is still, on balance, better to be more open. It is only a
matter of time before we are accepted or at least tolerated. Although I never want to be
tolerated. I want to be able to do what the hetties do.

I’m partial to cartoons. Call me soft if you like, but Hanna Barbera does it for me. There’s a
cartoon cinema in Piccadilly Circus - loads goes on in there, I can tell you. It isn’t in the
seats mind, but just beyond wooden partitions behind them. We are a mostly young crowd;
I suppose that’s why, because we loved cartoons. There are the odd old queens but we
young ones never mix with them. It does look weird seeing some old poof in their 70s
watching cartoons.

A Law Is Not EnoughKai Jolley
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Kai is a working film and theatre professional. Experienced in acting, directing, editing and is an award winning production designer. Kai continues to explore story telling through all forms of media. Previous acting work includes, Jerry Springer The Opera in Manchester, Stop!... The Play in Liverpool and St. Helens, Violet The Musical, To Kill a Mockingbird and ITILY. Previous crew positions on, The Amazing Race Canada, 12 Monkeys, The Ruby Slippers and Production and Stage Manager of Blood Runs Deep 2019! Canadian actor Kai Jolley is 'made up' to also be joining the cast of St. Helens Theatre Royal's Aladdin as the Genie of the Lamp this Christmas season. Previous training includes theatre and music at Providence College, Acting and The Business of Acting at the Academy of Acting, and Film Production at Toronto Film School. Kai is the director of two production companies catering to different audiences and the founder of Liverpool Film Initiative. A group of like-minded creatives joining forces to produce inspiring and intriguing pieces of work through film. With the goal to provide a positive and stimulating environment to encourage the growth and development of its members and for the television and film-making industry in and around Liverpool City Region. Instagram: @kaijolley Facebook: @kaijolley Twitter: @kaijolley