Act 1 Scene 1 A private house


Isaac: We are safe. The King will protect us.


Mikhael: Like he has so far?


Isaac: What do you mean?


Mikhael: I mean the camps.


Isaac: What camps?


Mikhael: Oh come on now.


Isaac: I am serious what camps are you talking of. 


Mikhael: Where have you been? This country is abusing Spanish and Jewish refugees through forced labour. These Nazis won’t take no for an answer. 


Isaac: But the King has sworn that no Moroccan Jews will be deported.


Mikhail: That hides the fact that rather than deport them, the Nazis force them to work themselves to death here.


Isaac: Doing what? I don't understand.


Mikhail: Building a railway for the Nazis and their damn expansionism.


Isaac: A railway to where?


Mikhail: The Sea Niger of course. The Sahara route. That old colonial exercise is now revived and of course man power is needed to make it a reality. 


Isaac: Why do they want a railway here?


Mikhail: Where have you been? The Nazis are invading Africa, they need supply lines and we have at the beginnings of such a line here in Morocco. 


Isaac: That makes sense. 


Mikhail: The Jews and Spanish refugees are a perfect ready made work force. 


Isaac: People need work to survive.


Mikhail: There is no pay. It is forced labour.


Isaac: No that cannot be. In this country?


Mikhail: Things have changed my friend. It is time to wake up.


Isaac: What do the elders say about it?


Mikhail: They are managing it.


Isaac: What? Don’t they know what is happening? How can they be sanctioning this. 


Mikhail: They have no choice. They are as trapped by the Nazis as the men working the railway are.


Isaac: What can we do? There must be something to help those poor souls.


Mikhail: Can you use your connections to affect some change for these wretches?


Isaac: The council will have to decide and then we must make detailed plans. 


Mikhail: They had better act soon or the Nazis will come for them also. 

©Simon O'Corra. 2019