'REGRETS' - A play, a previously married couple examine their former joint and now separate lives in the context of the death of their disabled daughter.

  'HYDRA' - A play: a meeting of 7 great historical homosexual activists in Post-war torn Berlin

  'AVENGING ANGELS' -A play: Child members of the Resistance

  'PARADOX' - A play and a screenplay: A love triangle in a Concentration Camp

  'NIEUWLANDE' - A play: A whole village hides Jews in WW2

  'BOU ARFA' - A play: Details of Jewish lives in Nazi occupied Morocco

  'MONKEY BUSINESS AT COURT' - A Children's Book: Royal dwarves foil a plot to assassinate the King of France

  'POLITICAL GYMNASTICS' - A play and a screenplay: The destruction of a team of Dutch and Jewish athletes

  'A LAW IS NOT ENOUGH' - A play and a screenplay: A single gay man reflects on the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967

  'INUSSIQ' - A children's book: A small bear leaves his family to find a new one