My life has been multi-faceted over the last 4 decades. These years have been full of exploration and discovery, which, when taken as a whole, makes what I do now so effective. My experiences have bathed me in culture, from a range of societies and their histories, which in turn has furnished me with a close eye for details along with a comprehensive awareness of the complexities in human nature. 


My Story & My Work, when combined, allow me to illustrate myself alongside the expression of the issues that interest me and that are of great importance to the world. My social conscience has seen me work with many differing groups of people in a multitude of roles, including theatre designer and dancer and I have collaborated on theatre, music, drama and dance projects with disadvantaged people. Again this allows me to share my expertise in many differing arenas, providing me with a grounded and empathetic approach to all my work


More recently, working as an artist focussing on social and human rights issues, has led directly into rejuvenating my driving passion for writing. My writing career started as a poet in 1984, since then it has expanded into other areas, including articles, journal pieces, reviews of books and films etc….. and I find now that my inspiration is becoming multi-layered once again.


With a complete newfound vigour, my focus is on writing for actors in and producers of theatre and screen, which finally brings all my experiences together in one delicious creative bundle. 

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