Act 3 Scene 1 Later Summer 1944 (Femcke, Peter and Ans)




Femcke: That van Dijk woman is here Sir.


Peter: Come in and sit down for a moment. Is that Jew bitch working, as instructed?


Femcke: Things have begun to slow down a little Sir. She speaks of a big coup coming up soon. I am not sure if I believe her. She is a cunning one, like all the Jews, who are now repenting in hell or are here in Amsterdam, Those stragglers who have evaded us. They are probably the As and Bs that queer bastard Arondeus and his cronies managed to hide from us in 1943. 


Peter: Argh yes. She was suspected of being involved in that but whether we believed her or not, it enabled us to use her to our own ends. 


Femcke: Yes Sir. Is there anything else Sir?


Peter: Try to find out about this coup of hers. Get your people onto it but do not blow your own cover. It is best she does not know of your involvement. It suits us for her to still believe she was betrayed by her Jewish customers. HA! HA!  It feeds her hate and paranoia. 


Femcke: Understood Sir. Thank you. (exits via another door)


Peter: Come back when the Jew has left. Send Madame in. (shouting)


Ans: (comes in and stands silently for a few moments) You wished to see me…….


Peter: Silence! (carrying on writing making Ans wait) Van Dijk! You are doing well it seems. Your friend Fritz (Ans winces) is encouraged by your response to his and our demands for ongoing information about your Jewish brethren. The tally of the Jew scum is ever increasing. 


Ans: I am pleased he thinks so Sir. 


Peter: Good. He did a good job on you. He is a loyal German and almost as ruthless as I am. (walking around to the side of the desk and touching Ans’ skirt) Well not really of course! You have yet too see just how cruel I can be.


Ans: Thank you Sir. Everyone knows you are in charge Sir. 


Peter: Never forget that. (pulling her hair and Ans wincing


Ans: It is quite hard to get people to trust me Sir, but they all believe me in the end. I swore to wreak revenge on them all. 


Peter: Even your brother and his family I seem too remember. 


Ans: That was personal Sir. I vowed long ago to repay him for his devious nature and what he did to me.


Peter: Hard! Nonsense. Your job is the easiest. It is we who must get them to the East. Amsterdam is almost rid of these contemptible creatures. 


Ans: (looking a little downcast) It has taken over a year Sir. 


Peter: Fritz, my subordinate back then, suspected you of being involved with the group that bombed the Population Registry. He told me how you gave yourself to the cause after you persuaded him to believe you about your innocence with that group. 


Ans: That was not me Sir, Willem Arondeus’ loose-tongued bum boy Joop was the one who was in the group and he it was who betrayed them. I liked Arondeus but he kept himself to himself and his close group of friends. Most of the group I think were non-Jews though so fell outside my remit. 


Peter: Frieda Belinfante is a Jew though.


Ans: Well yes. 


Peter: But you did not hand them in. 


Ans: That was before I had been recruited Sir. 


Peter: Had you not thought of denouncing others after you had been?


Ans: I felt that this was a separate issue Sir. I am convinced I was denounced by other Jews but not those two. 


Peter: As long as there remains one of your kind here in the Netherlands, then we need you. Have you any current leads?


Ans: I am working on a new lead but it is proving a little hard to crack the layers of protection these people gather around them. There are two families being hidden, I hear. I am not sure where yet but it is around the Prinsengracht. There is a lot Resistance work around there. Of course, people are tight lipped until they know me better and feel I can be trusted. 


Peter: Well we need to clear up the stragglers so I suggest you work harder to convince them. 


Ans: Yes Sir. I will re-double my efforts. 


Peter: How many Jews are hiding there?

Ans: Eight I believe.


Peter: Perfect. A large family.


Ans: No Sir, two families and a man on his own. 


Peter: It sounds like you know who these people are already?


Ans: I know the number which I am told is correct. 


Peter: We have time I suppose but you must be thorough. I want the names of those who are helping them. The Dutch must be aware of the costs in hiding Jews. 


Ans: I need only a little more time. Sir. Its a big operation it seems. 


Peter: Good I can assure you that many heads will roll. These traitors to our Aryan Brotherhood are no better than you, you Jewish scum. 


Ans: Yes, Sir I agree. They must learn this lesson.


Peter: You have done well so far. Continue to be successful and you will live. 


Ans: Thank you Sir. I am grateful for all the things that you supply for me. I know how fortunate I am. There are not many Jews left as far as I know


Peter: You are either naive, stupid or a consummate liar. Let me tell you, your work is far from over and you are only as useful as your last betrayal. So, keep going, no slacking, no procrastinating. I am watching you. 


Ans: Understood. I am used to this world and how it treats me and I react accordingly. I will get the results you desire I promise. 


Peter: You had better do. You are expendable you know. 


Ans: I am close finding the Jews that are in hiding. I am just gathering more information and checking my sources. Two families I think Sir who have been in hiding for two years. These families were known to me before. 


Peter: They must have been tenacious to still be in hiding. Perhaps their family names begin with A or B? That could explain it. 


Ans: What do you mean Sir?


Peter: Those bastards destroyed the population records for those Jews whose names begin with A or B.


Ans: Oh, yes Sir. I see what you mean. (looks shamefaced)


Peter: Do you know their names then? (pause) COME ON! NAMES….


Ans: They are the Frank family and the van Pels and a single man called Pfeffer. 


Peter: How do you know? I suppose you may have been an accomplice of Arondeus and his group after all.


Ans: Oh no Sir! They were all known to me before the war. For a long time, I had wondered what had become of them all, apart for the man Pfeffer, who I do not know. 


Peter: So your networks are still secure and good. 


Ans: Yes Sir. (pause) I knew Arondeus of course but I was never part of his group; that Jewish bitch Frieda Belinfante poisoned his mind about me. I should be grateful to her I suppose otherwise goodness knows what could have happened. 


Peter: Grateful?


Ans: Oh Sir I didn’t mean… Sir……..I meant grateful that I was subsequently able to help you.


Peter: Are you sure?


Ans: Oh yes Sir. I am honoured to assist you.


Peter: Our Fuhrer you mean?


Ans: Yes of course sorry Sir. 


Peter: You have only a week to lead me to these Jewish scum in their hideaway. I won't have you stalling any more than that. How many did you say were there?


Ans: I think 8 Sir. 


Peter: There must be plenty of people helping them. I want their blood too. 


Ans: I think they are hiding in a business premises.


Peter: Which means it is stinking Dutch people helping them. Why won’t they just let it all unfold? We will rid this country of the Jews. They cannot stain our Aryan homelands.


Ans: They are stupid Sir I agree. 


Peter: Who are you to say that of them? You are just a miserable Jew yourself and therefore have no right to an opinion. 


Ans: No. Sorry Sir. 


Peter: All, and I mean all, Jews will be gone from this land. Now leave me and get on with your task. I want those fucking kikes on that train in a week. It will give me great satisfaction to foil their plans at the eleventh hour. 


Ans: I will sort it out Sir. I promise. 


Peter: Now leave me. Go on. That door (pointing to the door she came in by) Don’t let me down you fucking Jew. (sorts through some papers and goes to the other door where Femcke left before) Come in. 


Femcke: Yes Sir. Did she have anything for you?


Peter: Yes, but she seems to be stalling. There are two families and a single man who have been in hiding in Prinsengracht. Put your men to watching the places in the street where some people might be hiding. If you have any news for me come straight away. I want those families smoked out of their den. They are the Franks and Van Pels’ and a man called Pfeffer. Dig around see if any of them have connections to businesses in that street. 


Femcke: It would be typical of that bitch to be stalling Sir


Peter: Well she has given us a lead so you take it from here. We cannot afford to wait any longer. 


Femcke: Understood Sir. I will sort it by the end if the day I promise. (Exits)